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Core Results

Core Results

Texas bred and London based, I've been active since a young age. I’ve been helping clients with their fitness training since 2015 as a fully qualified and accredited Fitness Trainer and Personal Trainer. I firmly believe in the positive benefits fitness brings to all areas of our lives and while there may be a sore muscle or two along the way, getting fit can and should be enjoyed. I get to help change lives for a living, which is not only a privilege but incredibly fulfilling and rewarding.


I started Giselle’s Core Training to guide people towards a healthier lifestyle. Through my custom plans designed around your current daily schedule and long-term fitness goals, we’ll use the core elements of movement, mindset, and lifestyle to create a sustainable way of living that inspires us to achieve things we never thought were possible and help you become a better version of yourself. Remember, success and results come from progress not perfection, and I am here to guide you every step of the way.


To improve physical performance it’s essential to understand the critical role movement plays in our development. Plyometrics, endurance and core stability all of which will help you build strength. I will help inspire and motivate you to push to the next level.


This plays a very important role in overall health and well-being. While most training programs focus on physical training, mental fitness is just as important. The two work together as a team, and I will help you create the connection between mindfulness and reaching your physical goals. Only with a strong and balanced mind can you lead a healthy life.


Are you getting enough sleep? How is your diet? Through your fitness journey with me, I will  help to educate you on the importance of how nutritious food and proper sleep how it supports health and happiness.

Training Programs

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Client Review



Giselle as my personal trainer has been a fantastic decision. I always disliked how I looked in photos, especially with graduation around the corner, and I was determined to change that. Feeling constantly tired, bloated, and easily breathless after just a quick walk, I knew I needed a change. Past attempts with gym memberships and classes never really worked out for me – I just couldn't keep up the motivation. That's where the idea of a personal trainer came in. I figured it was a commitment I couldn't escape, and honestly, I was pretty clueless about the right exercises for me. Giselle has been nothing short of amazing since day one. She's conveniently located, incredibly flexible with training locations, and really knows her stuff. What stands out is how she listens to what I want and tailors each workout accordingly. Her encouragement and support have been pivotal in helping me achieve my fitness goals.


The results speak for themselves: in just six months, I've lost 7 kilos and nearly 5 inches off my waist, which is incredible! I feel better in so many ways now; I'm more alert, stronger, and no longer get winded so easily. Training with Giselle is more than just exercise; it's a complete experience. She ensures every session is perfectly suited to my needs, something I hadn't found in any other fitness program. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking to revamp their fitness routine or just feel better about themselves. Giselle isn't just a trainer; she's a motivator and knows how to make fitness both fun and rewarding. If you're considering a personal trainer, Giselle is the person to go to. She's transformed how I feel about myself, and I'm confident she can do the same for you.


"Giselle has been my PT for about a year now and I've been nothing but extremely happy with her. I've never had any experience with weights or the gym before but her patience and guidance during our sessions gave me  confidence in what I was doing. I was understanding the purpose of my movements and the benefits of them. I like how she's very attentive to my form and gives me the right amount of motivation I need during the sessions. I can see the physical changes in my body.  I feel stronger and more positive thanks to her."


"Giselle is a superstar! Absolutely focused and dedicated to health & fitness. She will fill any holes in your motivation and will pull you over the line. She's so supportive and positive- always seems keen to be there with the right boost at the right time. Highly recommend."


"Giselle is a true inspiration!  Her guidance is incredible. She's always positive and encouraging and is very attentive to each and everyone of us in class.  I've made such good progress during lockdown due to her classes. She catches the difficult moments in such a way that helps me dig deeper and push myself when I didn't think I could. I am so grateful for your support and encouragement."

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